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I entered adulthood as a shy, young woman who worked as a checkout clerk in a local grocery store. From humble circumstances, I grew personally and professionally to become an independent National Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Outward success however, only masked my inner pain. A failed marriage, co-dependency, fear – these all marked my life…but with God’s help and the support of others my defeat is gone forever. I has been given a second chance and want others to have their own second chance.

God has placed in my heart a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I do that by working with women both one-on-one and in groups through coaching, training, and mentor sessions as well as through my blog entitled Whisper from my Heart.

Sue Z. McGray

I’d love nothing more than to make a positive difference in your life. And I give really good hugs as well! I savor every moment with my loving husband, Duane, and spending time with our three adult children and five beautiful granddaughters. I love to speak to women to encourage and inspire. I speak on a wide range of topics relevant to women today.

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Sue Z. McGray Author



Sue Z. McGray Author

“A dream is a goal that is created within the heart.” - Sue McGray

Sue is a motivational speaker whose life was transformed by Christ. She wants to encourage and minister to other women who struggle with a lack of self-worth, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, shame, and regret.

Inspire. Influence. Impact!

Sue McGray is the Regional Director for Christian Women In Media.