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Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments

Twenty-Five Biblical Encounters That Provide Insight for Personal Encounters in the 21st Century.

Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments

We all experience thousands of encounters during our lifetime. These encounters come in all forms. Some of the people we meet are for a reason, some a season and others for a lifetime. Some encounters are unexpected while others are planned. Consider the encounters you have had that changed your life’s direction.

The Bible has many stories of encounters that impacted the lives of those involved but also for millions of people throughout the ages. David had encounters with Goliath, King Saul, and Bathsheba, each of which revealed a different view of his character and the state of his relationship with God.

Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments explores twenty-five biblical encounters and discusses applications for 21st Century Christians and the people they interact with each day. As you read these stories, I encourage you to be more thoughtful in your encounters. Each has the potential to be life altering for both you and the ones you encounter. God uses the Holy Spirit to orchestrate encounters and divine appointments.

Sue did a masterful job in capturing encounters throughout the Bible. As I read her book, it reminded me of the many impactful encounters I have had in my life. One of those amazing encounters was the day I met Sue. Her book has also opened my eyes to pay attention to the encounters I now have each day. I hope you will allow this book to touch your heart, think of your own personal encounters and open your eyes to be aware of how God works in your life with encounters.

Diane Burton
The Masterpiece Coach, Author,

Sue Z. McGray is a Christian Author, Speaker, Coach, and Businesswoman. God has given her a passion to encourage women to achieve all that God created for them. She is a frequent guest on faith-based podcasts, television, and radio programs, is a public speaker and a blogger.


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Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments
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Sharon Wilharm

Romans 8:28 tells us that everything happens for a reason. There are no accidents or happenstance. In Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments Sue Z. McGray demonstrates how God can take everyday encounters and use them for life changing impact. Through twenty-five Bible examples as well as personal examples from her own life, she reminds us that God is always at work in our lives in ways we may never fully appreciate until we look back and see how He led us through those seemingly ordinary encounters and used them to deliver us to divine appointments.

Sharon Wilharm
Host of All God’s Women podcast and internationally syndicated radio show

Marion M. Pyle, M.A.
This marvelous book by Sue Z McGray is a fresh look at the transformational power of divine, life altering encounters experienced by some of our most well-known and beloved Bible characters in the Old and New Testaments, as well as the author’s own life. Each engaging, bite-sized chapter delivers giant spiritual insights and reminders of God’s redeeming work in our lives to help us find our true purpose and become fruitful ambassadors for the Kingdom. The thought-provoking questions at the end of each section make the book ideal for personal as well as small group studies. This is a most enjoyable and edifying read for seekers at all stages of their spiritual journey.

Marion M. Pyle, M.A.
Television Writer, Director,
Producer, and Host, Legacy Media Lab, Inc.
Author and speaker,
“Healed, Healthy and Whole, How We Beat Cancer.”

Lisa Hooks, M.A.

Wow! What can I say about Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments? This book is a wonderful reminder of how God moves. Believe me if you are looking to be reminded of God’s goodness and His word, pick up this book and read it NOW. It’s time to be renewed and refreshed.

Lisa Hooks, M.A.
Purpose Bourn Coaching

Bruce G. Chesser

You will be blessed in reading the book that you hold in your hands. As you journey with Sue McGray through 25 divine encounters of God’s Word you will also learn much about how God touched her life through many similar “divine encounters.”
I know Sue McGray, and her husband Duane, to be good and godly people who serve the Lord with gladness. Sue is a very successful businesswoman. Duane retired from a career in law enforcement. Both experienced the hand of God in their lives. It was, no doubt, a divine encounter that led them to each other. Sue has experienced the hand of God, the protection of God, and the direction of God in her life through all of those experiences, God has granted her wisdom. You will find that her wisdom is captured in the “Life Application” section of each chapter.
This book will be a blessing in your life.

Bruce G. Chesser, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Hendersonville, Tennessee

Gaye Lindfors

Sue’s book is such a great reminder of God’s love and faithfulness! I love how she combined Bible stories from long ago and her own personal experiences to help us notice our own divine appointments; our life-altering encounters. It was refreshing and encouraging to remember God’s engagement in our lives—in the small moments and in those more life-changing moments. Sue’s desire and commitment to living a life of faithfulness and obedience and love shines through her words. They have prompted me to watch for more of my own divine appointments.

Gaye Lindfors

Speaker, Blogger, and Author of: “Getting My Ducks in a Row and Other Stories of Faith”

Lynn Starks

Sue has a unique ability to relate to people in whatever life situation they are in. Her book Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments is her latest effort to share this ability and she has succeeded wonderfully. Reading this book will be a joy and blessing to all and one you will want to share with others. God has used Sue in many ways and her book is an expression of His love for each of us and her.

Lynn Starks

Lisa Burkhardt Worley

“Because of her engaging style, I read Sue McGray’s last book in one sitting and this new offering is no different. Sue reminds us that our divine encounters can change the direction of our lives, even as they did in the lives of the biblical leaders. God still connects His people in supernatural ways that we cannot deny. This book is a must read!”

Lisa Burkhardt Worley
Author, Speaker, POP Talk Executive Producer/Co-Host Pearls of Promise Ministries

James C Hutchins, D. MIN.
Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments is a must read for anyone that has a desire to understand how personal encounters can change their life. Sue Z McGray recounts the stories of people whose lives have been altered by their own personal encounters. More importantly, the author reveals many “life altering” encounters experienced by biblical characters and what we can learn from them. Their stories emphasize the truths of the Bible with fresh insights concerning how their personal encounters can shape our lives and guide our behavior. Understanding these encounters can change the destiny of readers as they better understand the relevance of these biblical encounters.

James C Hutchins, D. MIN.
Retired Academic Dean
Covington Theological Seminary

Monica Schmelter

It is one thing to believe in God. It’s quite another thing to believe in a God who chooses to reveal Himself to His creation in very real and personal ways. Sue McGray’s book Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments is an extreme faith builder that underscores how God goes out of His way to make Himself known to anyone who will dare to believe.

Monica Schmelter
Host Bridges – daily television show that airs in over 50 million homes on Christian Television Network

“A dream is a goal that is created within the heart.” - Sue McGray

Sue is a motivational speaker whose life was transformed by Christ. She wants to encourage and minister to other women who struggle with a lack of self-worth, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, shame, and regret.

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Sue McGray is the Regional Director for Christian Women In Media.