A Woman’s Beauty

As a Christian woman, remember that you are: Valuable. Beautiful. Created by a perfect God.

Sue Z Mcgray  A Woman’s Beauty As a Christian woman

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A Woman’s Beauty

As a Christian woman, remember that you are:

  • Valuable.
  • Beautiful.
  • Created by a perfect God.

When we think of beautiful women, we often think of how the world has glamorized beautiful women. We can never compete with that kind of beauty as it isn’t real. As you’ve heard, what you see is not always what you get. Airbrushing and cosmetic surgery certainly alters reality. Our sense of self can arise from many sources. I grew up in a very conservative Godly home. I don’t know that my parents ever told me that it was a sin to think too much of myself but that was the message that I received. Somehow, being humble was close to Godliness. Perhaps, that could explain, to some degree most of my life I had low self-esteem. While growing up, I do not remember ever being affirmed. That manifested itself in me believing that I was invisible. It was a motivating factor in my decision to write my book entitled “Becoming Visible: Letting Go of the Things that Hide Your True Beauty” If you’re a parent or grandparent of small children, a good dose of affirmations will go a long way in how they view themselves. Affirmations builds more confident adults.

God created women as beautiful beings and his work is the real deal. The Bible refers to the beauty of women in many places. The book Song of Solomon explicitly refers to women’s beauty. Certainly, as women, we are blessed that God created us with physical beauty. That is a wonderful gift from God for which we should be thankful. More importantly, as Christian women, we also have spiritual beauty. We are a new creation with a beauty that transcends what we have been given externally. The Bible also is replete with messages that we are to share what we have been given.

Many of you know that I spent many years in the cosmetics business teaching women how to maximize their physical beauty. While that was my career, my real mission was to encourage women to become all that God created them to be. Sometimes, women do not feel very pretty. Perhaps that is because they compare themselves with other women. I have learned that when we compare ourselves with others, we almost always use the wrong measurement. We view their best attributes against our worst ones. That is always a losing game. The real measurement should be how our creator sees us. Psalms 139.14 says “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Marvelous are your works. And my soul knows it very well”. God who made the universe is the God who crafted you as a uniquely beautiful creation.

As a Christian woman, remember that you are:
• Valuable
• Beautiful.
• Created by God.

Beauty isn’t just based on “Face Value”. Beauty is a combination of inner beauty, which includes factors such as personality, intelligence, grace, politeness, integrity, charisma and as well as physical attributes.
I once read that one of the saddest things in the world is having a gift and never using it for the glory of God. Our outer and inner spiritual beauty is a gift from God. Sometimes we don’t share what God has given us because of our insecurities. God has given us all beautiful spiritual gifts that we are expected to use for His purposes. Are you making yourself available for God to use what he has given you or are you hiding under the proverbial bushel?

My prayer is that you will share your God given beautiful and amazing gift—one that only you will be able to use to influence people God places in your path. Even if your life is busy, God will give you a way to be able to use what He has given you.

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I have written a book entitled “Becoming Visible-Letting Go of the Things that Hide Your True Beauty” and now I am writing a blog that shares my heart with women everywhere.

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“A dream is a goal that is created within the heart.” - Sue McGray

Sue is a motivational speaker whose life was transformed by Christ. She wants to encourage and minister to other women who struggle with a lack of self-worth, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, shame, and regret.

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